Donald Horn presents Ortatrox: The Greatest Gift, a fictional depiction

21jul 2020
Donald Horn through his book Ortatrox: The Greatest Gift captures an unknown story through his words and presents a fictional gift to his readers.

(July 21, 2020): Donald Horn presents his latest book, Ortatrox: The Greatest Gift. Through the book, he talks about varied unexplained things that he discovers through the words written. He transports his readers to a world of unknown that deserves more research and analysis. He discusses and draws emphasis on individuals being abducted by aliens. With drawing upon a varied researches and findings, the author recites the story as though the readers are reciting it themselves.

The story is set in a picturesque landscape of a rocky mountain range in the beautiful state of Oregon. ‘For those of who believe that a few things simply do not exist, this book is the perfect one that you need to read. The Government although does not disclose much about the topic, as they do not want the citizens to panic, and try to cover it up, however it does exists. Grab this book and its kindle edition from’, as said by Donald Horn, the author.


About Donald Horn:

Donald Horn is an author who loves researching and unfolding new and different things that are unknown in today’s world.

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Company Name: Global Summit House

Contact Person Name: Anna Reid



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