Hope: The Short Film with A Love Story for All

15feb 2021
This Valentine’s Day love comes with a different presentation with the short film Hope, directed by Afeez Olawale.

Brentwood, (February 15, 2021):

This Valentine’s Day the couples can enjoy a small piece of romance along with a perfect story. Introducing Hope, the short story, delving deep into human relationship in the modern aspect. The short+film, based on the love story of Macaiah and Kellie Tillman offers the view of how a couple faces the challenges and ups and downs along to path and reaches its triumph in uncharted paths.

The drama, coming from acclaimed director Azeez Adekunle. The film is produced by Lasisi Oluwasegun and has the screenplay from Afeez Adekunle. The story is from Adekunle Laverne. Based on the true story, this film is sure to touch the hearts of the viewers as they will be able to explore the intricacy of love and relationships.

In the story, the protagonist gets fired from work because of the pandemic and falls prey to the same. He survives and with his wife stands victorious. This is the kind of feel good movie that is perfectly designed for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The viewers will love to watch the film on this occasion. Coming from the clockafrica and laExpose+productions the valentine+love film is a hidden gem for the viewers who wish to look for a positive impact of films in their lives. When the world is full of complications and darkness, films like Hope can surely shower the ray of hopes among the mass.

About the Clock Africa and laExpose' Productions:

Mr. Lasisi runs a fast growing media company including writing, photography, videography, internet television, Kagumu Tv and ClockAfrica. laExpose' and Clock Africa filmed Elite Life series in Abu Dhabi starring Dr. John Williams. Mr. Lasisi is the Africa Media & PR Director for laExpose' Productions & Extraordinary People Awards. laExpose.com.

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Dwayne Coley



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