Chengdu Writes New Taste Stories With Lan Guijun’s Artistry

1sep 2021
As per a report by Go Chengdu, the popular chef named Lan Guijun prepares delicious noodles at the leafy backstreet of the city.

China (September 01, 2021): As an online news and information provider about the city Chengdu, Go Chengdu reports how the popular chef Lan Guijun mesmerizes people with his culinary skills. He works standing at the long wooden bench and kneads the yellow dough for making noodles. With a wood-saw knife, he divides the dough into pieces. As per the report, he dedicatedly slices the sheets of yellow doughs into thin pieces.

Whenever he is asked about the dough-making process, he answers, “There is no water in this dough. Only the yolks of free-range duck eggs.”His restaurant named Yu Zhi Lan is popular for showcasing the perfect culinary skills. The restaurant, however, was named after a rare Chinese fern. With an elegant central hall, a well-maintained kitchen, and three private rooms, the restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Chengdu.

Considering the efficiency of chef Lan, Go Chengdu has called him as “the new emperor of Chinese gastronomy.” when Lan is asked about his cooking secrets, he answers, “I cook according to my own age and experience. Now that I'm in my forties, I pay more attention to health and nutrition, to the balance between meat and vegetables. It's like a return to nature. Go Chendu, thus, reports different news and information on food, travel, business, and life in Chengdu. 

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