Investment Only Annuities Announces the Opening of their Business for Sacramento Residents, CA

16apr 2021
Investment Only Annuities is happy to announce the opening of their business in Sacramento, CA to offer the best retirement solutions to the people,

 SACRAMENTO, CA (APRIL 16, 2021) – Investment Only Annuities is happy to announce the opening of their business in Sacramento, CA. The company offers investment-only annuity, which is a cost-effective, tax-delayed investment opportunity besides the IRA and 401(k) investments. The company has launched investment services for the people of Sacramento, CA, which are varied and funds are invested in unrelated classes of assets, thus reducing the investment risks.

Unlike typical annuity solutions, investment-only annuities come with a reduced fee, as it does not include additional assured minimum withdrawal rewards or for that matter, death benefits. When people have achieved the maximum limit of investment in 401(k) or any other retirement solutions, they can opt for the best investment-only variable annuity (IOVA) to top up the tax-delayed annuity savings further.

The company CEO when asked about the specific benefits of IOVAs says, “IOVAs are specifically beneficial when one is under a higher tax bracket, however, expects to be under a lower tax group when he or she retires. IOVAs are also beneficial when people like to boost their investments in tax-deferred investment solutions together with their IRA and 401(k) accounts.”

There are other benefits of IOVAs when people have varied investments at a reduced cost compared to conventional variable annuities.

“We recommend opting for our IOVAs if one likes to leave behind a legacy for their family and next of kin,” the CEO further added.

The company is delighted to offer a range of annuity solutions and since business is open now, people who like to make the most out of tax deferrals, especially in the last 10 years of their job before they retire, must not miss the company’s annuity solutions. Annuities are beneficial for people who want to lead a comfortable lifestyle during their golden years without worrying about money.

About Investment Only Annuities:

Investment Only Annuities offers diverse annuity and retirement solutions to people in the Sacramento area for years. They have some of the best retirement solutions such IOVAs to help people spend their life stress-free when they retire. The company offers IOVAs to boost customers’ retirement funds provided they invest regularly in IOVAs.

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Investment Only Annuities

500 Capitol Mall, Suite 2350, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 1-888-694-4015



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