Global Summit House Announces the Launch of Elizabeth Chanter’s Book of Mystery

2sep 2021
Finding the uncovered mysteries behind the name brings in joy or will ensnare the couple is a question.

(September 02, 2021) - Global Summit House now announces its new launch of a mysterious story by Elizabeth Chanter. Her book Dashell and Caroline is about a woman whose identity is a mystery and is trying to find the answers to her questions regarding her name.

Portraying the bonding of love that the two main characters have in the book, the story revolves around finding the information about her name. With a true imaginative approach, Elizabeth Chanter presents the whole plot through characters and events fictitiously. By dividing the whole story into fifty chapters, the author amazingly sets the plot through beautiful incidents and descriptions of landscape.

The whole book focuses on the crucial missing documents that gave Caroline the answers to her questions for her name. With that information, she, along with Dashell, started planning for their wedding for becoming Lady Lonsdale. Later on, Dashell, with his brother Maxwell, traveled to Yorkshire to discover more truth. On the other hand, Dashell's aunt, Lady Smythe, uncovered more surprise by finding a relative who has a blood relation with Caroline. Caroline was brought to the truth by that relative, who assisted her in unraveling every enigma from her history.

However, the truth about the tragic narrative of how Caroline's mother, Isobel, was tricked by one individual came out Within the thrill of discovery. Will this truth behind the uncovered mysteries help Caroline find the real reason behind her identity? Whether Caroline and Dashell's love is engulfed in a far bigger mystery or whether they will begin a new life happily is a question that will be addressed in the end.

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Author's name: Elizabeth Chanter

Book title: Dashell and Caroline


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