A story of how the one percent wealthy took over our political establishment

2sep 2021
Author Cliff Somers recently launches an interesting book named How Stupid are We depicting how the wealthy ruled over the Republican Party.

(September 02, 2021) - The book tells the story of how the top one percent wealthy and powerful have absorbed our right-wing politics and the Republican Party.  It serves as a wake-up call to the literate American interested in the country's politics and the effects those politics have had on us as we slept through their aftermath and the consequences of our ignorance of the way our elected officials behave.

The book shows how vast amounts of money and planning have been employed to advance this sub rosa agenda over more than five decades. It explains how the top one percent richest people in the country have used their money and influence in lobbying the government, pouring dark money into elections, suborning areas of higher educational institutions, and writing pre-fabricated proposed far-right legislation for state governments. It also lays out in detail the effect of this over the decades to include vast wealth inequality, the decay of our health care and education systems, the stagnation of research efforts, the march of global warming, and the hobbling of our Congress. 

The paperback contains 324 pages in total and explains that we, the American voters, have done this to ourselves by failing to notice what our elected officials have done to us and have kept voting them into office. It proposes that we notice what is going on and vote these people out. Thereafter we need to take on responsibility for our own future and be prepared to accept some hardships to get there as all of our forebears have had to do. The book has been very well received by the many who have read it.

By the institution of of “supply-side” or “trickle-down" economics, the strategic use of vast wealth to bend the government to its wishes, the total willingness to ignore or circumvent the law, and the total disregard and even contempt for the average American, this book explains how they did it and what has befallen us, the voters. It then asks us, "How Stupid are We?” in the hopes that we will get smart, wake up and take control of our own fate.

For more details, visit https://www.amazon.com/How-Stupid-Are-Cliff-Somers/dp/1642983403

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