Global Summit House Launches an Adventurous Tale in the Book Called Greasy Side Down.

31aug 2021
Recently, a new book was launched by the Global Summit House. It is Greasy Side Down, written by the renowned author Ken Obenski describing the fun reminiscence of the authors’ life

Global Summit House (Aug 31, 2021) - In recent days, the Global Summit House released another fantastic book called Greasy Side Down, in which the author deduced the answers to the questions that none had answered for him. He mentioned that he replied, "I always took the easy path, but I took a path instead of waiting for things to happen," when he was asked by Who's Who about his secret motivation for the success he achieved.

The book tells an entertaining tale of a 60-years long adventure through the modern world with a motorcycle. The author says that the readers will learn diverse things from the books that they may not have thought of before. Alongside this, they will get to know about the worldly mysteries present in the cosmos.

Overall, Greasy Side Down is an informative book written by celebrated author Kenneth Obenski aka Ken Obenski. As per the author’s statement, the book does not have any particular purpose. It simply portrays the joyous reminiscences of the intersections of the author’s life and motorcycles.

As per the details provided online, the book opens the door to the world of visceral transportation. The price for the book is affordable. The Kindle edition costs around US $1.99. It is also available in paperback format. However, the author of the book is well-known for different technical books like Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction.

He has ridden motorcycles over 500,000 miles under various conditions and reconstructed over 2000 traffic accidents, including over 275 motorcycle accidents. His book Greasy Side Down is now on the way to being the best seller of the year.

Global Summit House is a renowned company that publishes a wide range of books on diverse topics. Recently an adventurous book has been released named Greasy Side Down. It is a fantastic book written by well-known author Ken Obensky. 

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Company Name: Global Summit House

Contact Person: Anna Reid

Author's name: Ken Obenski

Book title: Greasy Side Down



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