Global Summit House Recently Launches the Book Blood Wars Representing Two Brothers

19aug 2021
Global Summit offers a book describing the journey of two brothers turning into a Vampire and a Werewolf due to a dark prophecy.

(Aug 19, 2021): Global Summit House has recently launched a book that represents a fictitious story about two brothers by Shane Hughes. In his book – Blood Wars: The Beginning, Hughes presents a journey of two brothers shoved under the shadow of a dark prophecy. 

Hughes presents this fictitious narrative that follows with two brothers, one of whom is a Vampire and the other a Werewolf, as they embark on their new life journey. A terrible prophecy is realized in the shadows when the Banished Kings’ descendants seek for the relics to resurrect him.

The author's innovative skills draw the attention of children, teenagers, and adults to the narrative, which depicts the new life of the brothers. By plotting the characters intricately, Hughes tries to describe each detail meticulously by offering a unique take on vampires and werewolves. The story's intriguing twist thus, combines dark shadow fantasy with paranormal fiction, while the two brothers' battle seems thrilling.

And through this well-trodden myth, the author presents an exciting storyline while being highly innovative. Children, teenagers, and adults who love reading general fiction combined with horror and paranormal literature, as well as fantasy, may find this story fascinating.

The allure of a terrible prophecy adds a fresh layer of intricacy to the book's plot while depicting how the deported king's descendants attempted to resuscitate him. The characters are brought to prominence and infused inside the imaginative fantasy by wide speculation of occurrences.

About Global Summit House:

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Name: Anna Reid

Author: Shane Hughes

Book Title: BLOOD WARS




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